Season 1 - Episode 3
The taint of the shadow and a darker plot

The following takes place between 10am and 10am (game time) and 2pm and 6pm (real time)

A report is requested, agents. This is of utmost importance: a threat to an agent’s life and the town’s safety is not to be taken lightly.

- Bauer

Season 1 - Episode 2
A death threat for a star. But who from?

The following takes place between 10am and 10pm (game time); 1pm and 5pm (real time)

A major crisis was averted, agents. Well done. Report requested so we can work on security measures.

- Bauer

Preliminary report by Special Agent Moth (FBI#:SA818)

09:00 On site at Fallcrest Agency Building
Order received from Bauer to assemble a team and report for protective security detail to Agent Charlie Francis, Head of Security at Terra Angelus Concert.

09:15 Team Assembled

Agents assigned to security detail:

Special Agents

Probationary Agents

Team headed to the concert venue, passing by several young visitors to the town, thought to be ‘fans’ who had travelled to Fallcrest for the concert.

  • NOTE:Many of these fans were seen drinking vials of ‘TA FAN’ and wearing detachable tails.

09:50 Agents arrived at the concert venue. Stalls were being set up and the stage was being built.
Agents noticed Resonating Crystals on the stage.

10:00 Agents located Charlie Francis in the backstage area, and reported for duty.
Also present were Terra Angelus and his manager Harry the Halfling.

Death Threat
Agent Charlie Francis was engaged in a heated discussion about a death threat which had been delivered to Terra Angelus that morning.
The note was written in newspaper cuttings and clearly stated that the murder would take place at 10pm that evening.
Upon further questioning Harry the Halfling revealed that there had been other, similar notes in the past, but he had chosen to keep these hidden from Terra Angelus

The note was examined by agents and upon closer inspection, it was discovered that there was a food stain on the paper.
This was identified by Djinnfarsi as being Barbecued Displacer-Beast, a well-known speciality at The Three Cats

11:00 Agents split up
Agents Djinnfarsi and Leo headed to The Three Cats taking the evidence with them.

12:00 Djinnfarsi and Leo arrived at The Three Cats.
The manager of the tavern, Jander was shown the death threat, and recalled that a guest, who checked in as ‘Mr Smith’ had ordered the Barbecued Displacer-Beast the previous evening.

  • NOTE ‘Mr Smith’ is a suspected alias.

‘Mr Smith’ had checked in to one of the rooms but was not in the building at that time.
Agents decided to return at a later time to question him.

12:00 Moth and Thraeanya searched the concert site for any clues. They questioned a stall-holder named Gary who was found to be selling Multi-Phonic Amulets – Mark 3 which played Terra Angelus hits.
This new ‘MP3’ device was unknown to the agents, and thought to be a potential weapon.
A device was handed over to the Fallcrest Battle Initiative for further examination.

13:00 Agents regrouped at Fallcrest Agency Building
The ‘MP3’ player was inspected by Bishop but found to be harmless.

14:00 Agents walked to Fallcrest Market to search for leads

14:30 On approach to the Fallcrest Market agents found a huge commotion at Graff’s Jewellery and found a young girl trying to steal from his stall.
The girl was let off with a caution

  • NOTE Shoplifting Crime Report filed.

15:30 Agents were approached by Dodger, a known local informant, who revealed that he knew a young man, by the name of Brossan, who had been paid a large sum of money to deliver a note to Terra Angelus
The young Dodger believed that this exchange had taken place the previous evening at The Three Cats

16:00 After finding no one home at Brossan’s house where he lived with his mother, agents returned to The Three Cats to see if Smith had returned.

  • NOTE: Jander was displaying eratic behavior, and seemed to be suffering from amnesia when Smith was mentioned.

Upon being let into ‘Mr Smith’s’ room, a body was discovered, thought to be that of Brossan, although not formally identified.
Cause of death unknown.

  • NOTE: The body was later found to be missing. In future, Agents are to follow protocol and remove bodies immediately.

Also discovered at the crime scene were an MP3 Player, several vials of Limited edition TA FAN, a defaced poster and 7 small gems. These were taken as evidence.
Moth suspected there was some Arcana attached to the gems and suggested they should be examined further.

17:30 Agents returned to Fallcrest Agency Building taking Gems to the Lab to be inspected by top Agency scientist, Bishop.
He felt positive that the gems could be used for a ritual of some kind and would need to come from four different sources.
He was unsure as to what the TA FAN contained but suggested asking Old Hacker who would be at the concert.

18:30 Suspected Murder
Arriving at the concert, agents witnessed Charlie Francis running towards them shouting “It’s in the Demons Tale!”, when he was struck in the back by a crossbow bolt and fell down dead.
Suspect was persued and taken out.
Suspect was later indentified as shadow-runner Barel

  • NOTE: During the assault Leo and Thraeanya appeared to have had their minds wiped, and could not recall the assailant.

A key was discovered on the body of the deceased. Djinnfarsi identified the coat of arms on the key as being that of Lord Dunham

18:30 Agents split up due to time constraints

Moth used her changeling powers to disguise herself as Barel and headed to the estate of Lord Dunham with the key.
Djinnfarsi took the body of Barel back to Fallcrest Agency Building
Leo and Thraeanya stayed at the concert to search the area.

19:00 On route to headquarters, Djinnfarsi suffered from a temporary memory-loss, as Barel somehow regenerated and escaped.

19:15 Djinnfarsi was appraoched by Dodger who informed him that he had witnessed Barel escape and chase Moth in the direction of the Dunhams Estate.
Djinnfarsi and Dodger hurried to Dunham’s Estate.

19:30 Agent Moth discovered a secret passage off the wine cellar, which could be opened by the key, and found a huge plate-mailed shadow creature inside.
Disguised as Barel, Moth was able to engage the creature, later found out to be named Thannu, in dialogue
It was clear that Barel was working for Thannu.
Her cover was blown when the real Barel showed up.
A struggle ensued until Djinnfarsi and Dodger arrived, and all enemies were taken out.
A further 7 Gems were uncovered and taken as evidence.

19:30 Suspected murder of Harry the Halfling
Agents Leo and Thraeanya reported witnessing him appear to “fall from the sky”.

Concert staff reported the sound technicians had not been seen for several hours.
Missing persons file opened

20:00 All agents reconvened at concert venue.
Following an earlier lead from Charlie Francis, agents began a stop-and-seach on civilians, looking specifically inside detachable demons tales for potential weapons.

  • NOTE: During the random stop-and-search, an illegal substance was found and confiscated.

20:30 Old Hacker was found at the concert and questioned regarding the Limited Edition TA FAN, as this substance was still believed to be related to the death threat.
He was able to inform us that the drink contained ‘Astral Diamonds’ and ‘Vampire Dust’, both rare and illegal substances.

21:00 Agents took the TA FAN to Fallcrest Agency Building to have Agent Bishop confirm these results with laboratory tests.
At this point, earlier evidence was re-examined, leading to the discovery by Leo that the defaced poster found at the earlier crime scene (which had 3 holes in it) could be placed over a map of Fallcrest to reveal three points, possible locations of the remaining set of Gems.

21:15 It was ascertained that the final location was the Fallcrest Library, with the concert venue itself being the focal point of the ritual.

21:30 Agents raced to the Fallcrest Library where Thraeanya discovered a book which opened a secret trapdoor into a basement.
Agents were able to overcome shadow necromancer, Fatale and several other assailants and took possession of a 3rd set of Gems.

21:50 Agents arrived back at the concert venue, and sensing Arcana in the coming from the sound booth, were able to locate a bomb containing the final set of Gems.

21:55 During finale number, The Demons Tale ;

  • NOTE: In future, agents should think outside the box! (Tail/Tale)

Led by Thraeanya agents began to place the remaining Gems in a sequence to disarm the bomb.

21:58 To buy time, Moth was able to cut all power to the stage for 1 minute.


22:00 Terra Angelus seemed to disappear at the end of the number. It is suspected that this was a stage-illusion but a Missing Persons case has been opened.


Another exemplary report, Agent Moth. This agency needs more like you. We shall be taking further investigation into this ritual and your detailed descriptions will help immensely.
Keep up the good work.


Season 1 - Episode 1
A kidnapped daughter and a ransom to pay

The following takes place between 8am and 6pm (game time); 1pm and 5pm (real time)

Report from Agents requested. Primary report with additional notes from other agents allowed. Extra equipment and resources will be available to those filing reports.

- Bauer

Preliminary report by Probationary Agent Moth (FBI#:PA818)

08:00 On site at Fallcrest Agency Building
Morning duty at Fallcrest Battle Initiative was interrupted by Lord Dunham who burst into the office with news of the disappearance of his daughter, Olivia Dunham

08:30 New Missing Persons case opened for Olivia Dunham

Agents assigned to case:

Probationary Agents

Initial facts recorded from conversation with Lord Dunham:

  • His daughter had been missing since last night when she failed to return home.
  • She was last seen leaving the Dunham’s Fallcrest Estate with two of her personal guards for an evening walk around 8pm. Believed to be heading towards the river.
  • Lord Dunham was visited by a stranger just before sunrise this morning who was quoted as saying “If you want to see your daughter alive again, she may be traded for a portion of your fortune. Await further instructions.”
  • Description of suspect: Male, large build, wearing a dark cloak and hood.

10:00 Suspected kidnapping
Agents headed to the river bank to search for clues.


  • Footprints on riverbank, possibly belonging to Olivia Dunham and two guards, along with extra sets of large footprints.
  • Footprints disappeared part way along the riverbank suggesting a boat may have been used in the kidnapping.
  • NOTE:Lead not followed up due to some doubt about how boat would pass the Fallcrest Waterfall…

10:30 Agents split up. Thraeanya and Moth continued to search river bank and bridge area. Pablo, Athena and Djinnfarsi walked to nearby tavern The Three Cats to search for witnesses.

11:00 Two bodies discovered, tied up and hanging underneath bridge, believed to be the guards of Olivia Dunham.
Suspected Murder
A leather pouch was discovered on one of the victims, containing jewellery including a Butterfly Pendant. Agents used local area knowledge to ascertain this rare jewel must have been purchased at Graff’s Jewellery.
Agent Moth took one of the Guards’ cloaks for potential Changeling disguise.

11:00 The Three Cats
Details to be filled in by Agents present

12:00 Agents regrouped and headed towards Fallcrest Market to follow up leads.

13:15 Moth, disguised as Olivia Dunham’s Guard, spoke to Graff at Graff’s Jewellery and was able to establish that the Guard was known to Graff and had purchased the Butterfly pendant as a gift for Miss Dunham. Possibly with amorous intentions…
A sudden movement was felt, as a shadow brushed past Moth, but disappeared too quickly to follow.

  • NOTE: Moth’s perception skills to be improved upon at next training session!

13:15 Agents (?) visited Fallcrest Perfumery to follow up a lead. They met with Old Hacker who gave them information regarding Owlbear, a key ingredient in the perfume he made for Olivia Dunham, but was somewhat shady about the source…
Details to be filled in by Agents present

  • NOTE: Much time was wasted here by Old Hacker. Suggest alternative interrogation methods in future, should he be needed as a witness again!

15:30 Agents regrouped and scoured the Fallcrest Market area for any further clues.

16:00 Moth re-assumed her own identity and was approached by a street urchin, who informed her that a hooded figure had been watching the agents, and pointed him out.
The boy was compensated for the information.

  • NOTE Claim on expenses
The hooded suspect was pursued by all agents.
  • NOTE: Due to Moth’s recent Changeling activity, she suffered from temporary amnesia around this time.

Details of persuit to be filled in by other Agents.

16:30 Suspect Committed Suicide by swallowing a cyanide capsule before he could be interrogated.

A letter was found on the suspect, containing information relating to the disappearance of Olivia Dunham
Copy of letter to be attached to report
Suspect was believed to be a member of the gang involved in the kidnapping.

  • NOTE: It was later discovered suspect was known as Prinz

Agent Moth took the suspect’s cloak for potential Changeling disguise.

17:00 A code hidden in the letter was discovered and decrypted by Djinnfarsi giving the words:
Agents raced to the Docks where they discovered a large fire had broken out.
Suspected Arson
Agents believed the life of Olivia Dunham was hanging in the balance and time was running out, and the decision was made to enlist the help of local tradesmen in the area in putting out the fire, rather than call it in and wait for the Fire Brigade.

17:15 Agents surrounded Warehouse 15 where it was believed Olivia Dunham was being held.
Moth, went undercover, disguised as Prinz, the deceased gang member, and entered the Warehouse to discover Olivia Dunham, tied to a chair, along with suspected gang leader Enda Yate and several other gang members.
Upon a signal given by Moth, Agents stormed the building and a battle ensued.

  • NOTE: Due to Moth’s Changeling activity, she suffered from temporary amnesia around the time of this battle.

Details of battle to be filled in by other Agents.

17:59 Olivia Dunham was successfully pulled from the burning warehouse alive and brought back to Fallcrest Agency Building
All enemies deceased.
Agents suffered some major and minor injuries in the line of duty.


Outstanding report, Agent Moth. Efforts like this lead to commendations. Keep up the good work: I’m rarely impressed.

- Bauer


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